Progress in the Senate

July 30, 2021

This week was highlighted by a significant breakthrough on Wednesday night when the Senate voted 76 to 32 to begin official debate on the bipartisan infrastructure legislation (called a cloture vote, technically ending a filibuster that had held up the conversation). Recent negotiations have primarily been behind closed doors, but we will start seeing details of the agreed framework. In addition, amendments will now be introduced to sway the direction of the final legislation toward the requirements of each supporting Senator, eventually leading to final voting (which is in no way a sure thing at this point). At the same time, there remains action on the parallel reconciliation bill, which is limited to adjustments of spending on existing programs but has many potential elements that could benefit lighting. The expectation is that before the Senate is dismissed for their scheduled August recess, the reconciliation funding framework for that effort will also be brought to a vote.

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