Infrastructure Bill passes in the House

November 10, 2021

After nearly three months of waiting, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) or Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF) was passed in the House of Representatives and is now being delivered to the White House for President Biden’s signature at a ceremony next week. As recently covered in our previous blog posts, the IIJA will be of great benefit to the country and to the lighting industry. More information on this is detailed in a NEMA press release.

The Build Back Better Act (BBBA) or social spending plan continues to be finalized, with a full draft being released last week. The remaining holdout Representatives are awaiting the “score” or total cost to be provided before that legislation is brought to a vote in the House. Since this is the first full draft of the legislation, once a successful House vote is held, the next action will be in the hands of the Senate.

The industry’s next step related to the IIJA is to work with the specific Federal departments and State agencies responsible for disbursing the funds on developing guidance for connecting available funds with project needs.

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