Latest Progress on the Infrastructure Bill and Reconciliation Funding Framework

November 1, 2021

With frenzied activities related to the kickoff of the global COP26 Climate Change Conference, compromise appears to have finally been reached on infrastructure spending for the US. While a formal vote has yet to take place, the messaging from both ends of the debate is that a new $1.75T funding framework will be acceptable. Preliminary legislative text indicates the retention of many of the climate-related priorities, such as tax credits for energy efficiency improvements, but the final details continue to be negotiated.

As a recap on where things stand at this moment:

  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework/BIF) has passed the senate and is waiting on the house to act
  • The Reconciliation Funding framework now has agreement between moderate and progressive democrats from both the House and Senate
  • The Reconciliation Funding legislation needs to be finalized and voted in the House, followed by revision, and voting in the Senate, concluding with alignment between the House and Senate versions
  • The Democratic Progressive Caucus in the House of Representatives retains enough votes to continue holding up a vote on the IIJA until they are convinced that reconciliation will pass in both the House and Senate.

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