Nissan Cars in the Spotlight 

Delivering outstanding lighting performance using a more efficient lighting design, Current has helped a global car manufacturer achieve perfect light distribution and impactful feature lighting in one of its leading Dubai showrooms. 

Our Customer 

Operating as the sole distributor of Nissan cars and genuine Nissan parts in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC) is part of the AW Rostamani business conglomerate. Over the years, AAC has emerged to be among the top players in the automobile dealership sector with market leadership in certain pivotal segments of the vehicle market. AAC’s network includes 11 new car showrooms, 10 service centers, 13 parts outlets across Dubai & Northern Emirates. 

Committed to making mobility more sustainable and environmentally friendly, AAC is also keen to mirror this commitment in the rest of its operations through investing in new technologies such as LED and partnering with like-minded companies. 

The Expectation 

AAC’s mission is to enrich the lives of its customers through providing top quality products as well as outstanding customer experience and service. This goal is central to everything it does including the design and operation of its showrooms. AAC therefore was looking for a lighting partner that shared its pursuit of excellence and would help to uphold its reputation for setting best practices in everything it does. 

Aesthetically, there were two main priorities for the project: one was to create an inviting environment through a bright and perfectly distributed lighting design; the other was to highlight individual cars with exciting feature lighting designated at 1,500 lux. Both of these goals needed to be achieved whilst reducing the overall number of fixtures in the showroom, as well as reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance requirements. 

 Najmuddin Valappil, one of the project managers from Current, commented: “The brief from our customer reflected its industry leading commitments to customer satisfaction, sustainable business and employee wellbeing. Recognising the role that high quality and inspirational lighting has to play, our customer sought a solution that would meet sustainability targets and deliver a high standard of working environment.” 

The Solution 

In order to meet AAC’s requirements, Current conducted a comprehensive energy and lighting audit and studied the company’s sustainability targets in order to fully understand the exact environment conditions and needs. Using the findings, Current put forward a complete LED retrofit solution using its Albeo luminaire

Installing just 94 fixtures into the space, our solution was based upon utmost efficiency, intelligent positioning and angling of fixtures combined with high-quality products. The Albeo luminaire offers 80 CRI and delivers a class-leading efficacy of lumens per watt of 90-122 Im/W. Its unique modular design means retailers can fine-tune the light output and the wattage to suit each individual application – offering ultimate flexibility. 

Results and Benefits 

The LED retrofit has meant that AAC has been able to improve the lighting quality inside its showroom while reducing energy and operational costs. Thanks to the luminaire’s high level of optic control and wide variant of beam angle, Current  was able to achieve the 1,500 lux level specified by AAC for the individual cars as well as optimum distribution in the rest of the showroom. 

 What’s more, with a rated service life of 65,000 hours, the new LED fittings have resulted in a significant maintenance cost saving as well as a reduction in the disruption to day-to-day operation of the site. Employees have also benefitted from improved lighting levels creating a more comfortable work environment. 

 Salah Yamout, Director of Sales and Marketing at AAC said: "In line with UAE Vision 2021, Arabian Automobiles Company's commitment to sustainability is driving the ongoing transformation of our showrooms into energy-saving facilities, an initiative undertaken with full support from GE. The installation of more energy efficient LED lights help in reducing costs, are more environmentally friendly and create an ambience that will provide our customers with a better overall experience when visiting our showrooms." 

 Umar Khan, Senior General Manager, AW Rostamani Lumina said: "I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our organisation for successfully implementing this green initiative together with GE. By upgrading to the latest technology in LED Lighting, we have set a new benchmark for car showrooms in UAE by reducing our energy consumption and related carbon footprint by over 70% while also improving aesthetics and customer visual experience by uniform light, high colour consistency and optimum light levels." 

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