Four Unique Customers - One Intelligent Solution

Lighting controls are fast becoming the foundation of energy cost savings for organizations across the country. And no matter what the environment—from hundreds of uniquely designed retail locations to a million square feet of warehouse space—LightSweep™, our wired lighting control solution, will create an intelligent space that saves significant cost and energy. It’s modular, customizable, and can be easily upgraded. 

Here’s a look at LightSweep’s impact on four different customers, all with unique needs and environments. 

Major savings for an iconic retailer. 

The world’s largest off-price retailer challenged us to deploy a cost-effective, reliable, and unique system to meet the energy efficiency standards in California—home to over 100 of their stores. 

We accepted the challenge. 

LightSweep is now fully integrated throughout their California locations, allowing the stores to exchange data and commands—so they can develop insight on the company’s energy use and improve their efficiency. It also provides simple on/off switching capabilities, timed dimming controls, and the ability to correlate lighting levels with operation hours. 

This results in over $2.7 million in annual energy savings—paying back the investment for each store in a little over a year (just over two years for California’s more sophisticated system.) 

Intelligent lighting for an aerospace leader. 

How does an aerospace giant with state-of-the-art facilities (including the world’s largest building) make their environment intelligent and start to rein in all of its energy consumption? 

LightSweep has given this colossal company—and their vast amounts of space—constant dimming capabilities, occupancy sensing technology that switches on/off automatically, and integration with existing building automation. Plus, they’ve gained immediate energy efficiency controls for lighting, which continues to be an energy- and cost-saving investment. 

And although this company’s application was complex, the installation was done without disrupting line voltage—which allowed the business to remain fully operational and incur no production downtime or loss of productivity. 

 A smart solution for NYC’s tallest building. 

How do you increase sustainability of New York City’s newest skyscraper/tourist destination that’s also home to premier office locations, view-seeking tenants, and some of the most innovative technologies available today? 

LightSweep’s simple design modularity allows tenants (spanning 104 floors) to customize their own light and HVAC comfort levels. The features include on/off switching, dimming, scheduling, and personalized “scenes.” Plus, with its intelligent environment capabilities, the system enhances the visual appeal of the lobby by providing lights that simulate day and night, massive LED screens with color temperatures that sync up to natural circadian cycles, and more. 

This smart building solution has not only allowed the skyscraper to take control of its energy efficiency, it’s become an essential part of the destination’s aesthetics. 

Intuitive controls for luxury cars. 

A luxury car dealership wanted to build the world’s greatest dealership—with indoor and outdoor lighting that’s smart, sophisticated, energy efficient, and satisfies area residents who were concerned about its brightness. 

So we deployed LightSweep to accompany the first all-LED dealership. With our intelligent system, the Current LED area lights are dimmed to 10 percent lumen output between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. for the comfort of nearby residents—but switch to full brightness when motion is detected. There are touch screen controls that allow the staff to easily customize light settings, as well as dimming and on/off scheduling of all indoor and outdoor fixtures.   

The result is 40 percent less energy usage, really happy neighbors, and quite possibly the most intelligent dealership in the world. 

With all the differences these customers have, they do have one thing in common: they’ve taken the first step towards an intelligent environment. So that in the future, they’ll be able to build on their investment to add other sensors and controls that can provide deeper insights, further optimize their energy consumption, and more. 

And it all started with LightSweep. 

Want to see how you can make your environment intelligent?