A Smart Building Solution for New York’s Tallest Building

How do you increase sustainability of New York City’s newest skyscraper/tourist destination that’s also home to premier office locations, view-seeking tenants, and some of the most innovative technologies available today?

If you’re us, you deploy LightSweep™—our wired lighting control solution. And here’s why.

With 104 floors of tenants, our system has to cater to an overwhelming range of comfort levels (for both light levels and HVAC.) LightSweep allows tenants to customize their controls through the system’s simple design modularity—including on/off switching, dimming, scheduling, and personalized “scenes” that add to the space’s sophistication in a simple way.

A smart building

The skyscraper’s lobby is designed to visually appeal to tourists—and LightSweep’s intelligent environment capabilities are a crucial component of this. The lobby features:

  • Lights that dim to simulate day and night cycles
  • Massive LED screens that are illuminated with different color temperatures, syncing up to natural circadian cycles
  • Simple programmability that brings the immersive environment to life

Plus, as a wired solution, LightSweep offers a very secure means to take greater control of energy efficiency—easily achieving the building’s LEED Gold certification. And with our system’s scalability, the customer will be able to build on this investment to add other sensors and controls that can provide even more insights and further enhance the experience for their tenants, employees, and visitors.

A smart building

But for now, we’re proud that in just one step, LightSweep is a smart building solution for the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, one of the most innovative structures in the world, and a critical part of this tourist destination’s appeal. 

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