Managing Customer Safety and Enhancing Customer Experience with IOT Solutions

By Shashwat Nath, Principal Digital Product Manager at GE Current, a Daintree company

As retailers and their customers adjust to the post-COVID world, there is a heightened awareness around cleanliness and preventing transmission of germs while ensuring that end users still get the best possible customer experience.

Additionally, retailers are adapting to various regional regulations around social distancing and new regulatory caps around occupancy in different stores and formats. This amounts to increased stress on staff, resources and budgets.

At Current, our Daintree Wireless solution helps you unlock the power of IoT to deliver a safer customer experience. Our Daintree solution helps you manage lighting and utilities for your buildings more efficiently. You can adapt to changing schedules and occupancies within the backbone of your enterprise IoT solution.

Our partners, such as IMS Evolve, Pointr, Comfy and Zebra, can deliver different outcomes based on your needs while using data from the same Daintree Wireless architecture. This means you can use our lighting controls infrastructure to control lights, set schedules and save energy while also doing refrigeration monitoring, temperature monitoring and control, asset tracking or wayfinding.

You could even potentially take advantage of people counting or location tracking capabilities to help reopen locations safely. Daintree is already doing this in sites around the world: The solutions enable outcomes such as smarter sanitization practices (as cleanings can be optimized based on what spaces were just used or where the high traffic areas are) or even contact tracing.

Daintree Controls can let you to manage buildings remotely so you can make sure you aren’t wasting energy on unnecessary utilities. It’s all part of our mission to help companies increase safety and productivity while lowering costs.

Daintree Networked is Current’s best-in-class IoT lighting controls solution, acting as the edge hardware for our Intelligent Environment Platform. That includes AllSites, Current’s new multi-site energy management app, an open API to build smart building applications, and an ecosystem of technology partners to drive digital transformation.

See how Daintree Networked Wireless Controls can make a difference for your business.