Intelligent Lighting for a Leader in Aerospace Technology

Being a global leader in aerospace technology, as well as commercial and military aircrafts (just to name a few) requires a lot of space. That’s why this particular customer’s operation spans many millions of square feet and includes the world’s largest building. So how does this aerospace giant with state-of-the-art, complex facilities (designed for both office space and manufacturing) make their environment intelligent and start to rein in all of its energy consumption? 

With our wired lighting control solution, LightSweep™—a scalable system that works for everything from one small building to an entire company with buildings around the world. 

Thanks to this modular system, the company’s plants now have: 

  • constant dimming capabilities 

  • occupancy sensing technology that dims or switches on/off automatically 

  • additional integration with existing building automation, such as blinds, projector screens, etc. 

So how did the installation of this lighting upgrade affect the company’s daily operations? It didn’t. Even with complex applications like this one, LightSweep can be installed without disrupting line voltage to main control panels, allowing the business to remain fully operational—incurring no downtime or loss of productivity. 

With LightSweep, this colossal company—and their vast amount of space—has gained immediate energy efficiency controls for lighting, which continues to be an enormous energy- and cost-saving investment. And this is just their first step towards creating an intelligent environment. In the future, they’ll be able to build on this investment to add other sensors and controls that can provide deeper insights, further optimize their energy consumption, and create a safer and more productive environment for their employees. 

Not to mention, they have the ability to scale up and add more intelligence if needed—in case they want the world’s largest building to also be the world’s smartest.  

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