With Digital Technology, This Enormous Fast Food Chain’s Future is Golden 


How does one of the world’s largest quick-service restaurants transform its business into a digital enterprise? 

By embracing new technology across the business to meet the ever-changing needs of families and by providing operational improvements to achieve profitability goals and deliver long-term growth. 


Current, in a close partnership with this restaurant chain is providing key solutions to address many of these essential components in their long-term growth plan. 

#1 Enhance Digital Capabilities, Customer Convenience, and Delivery 

Current’s ability to provide insight on customer engagement within the store, at the drive-thru window, and through their mobile application underscores what’s important to customers, no matter where they are. 

Leveraging indoor positioning, data integration, analytics, and new partner applications means we help them understand the customer experience and can measure service and revenue improvements. These new capabilities also provide insight in employee performance in servicing customers. 

Through our analytics platform, we can provide real-time analysis of self-service strategies, new delivery services, and the in-restaurant experience. As a result, we can help the restaurant chain understand which services are working best and have the biggest impact on customer experience and overall revenue. 

#2 Accelerate Deployment of Experience of the Future Restaurants in the US 

Through Current’s work with this restaurant chain, they are delivering value in new technologies that not only gain insight, but allow them to effectively manage their operational costs. 

Our core intelligent environment infrastructure—LED lighting, controls, indoor positioning, energy management, analytics, and new partner applications—is quickly deployed into new store environments to realize these benefits. Once new solutions have been tested and proven, they are quickly implemented.

#3 Deliver to Shareholders, Improve Sales, Margin and Operating Profit

The intelligent environment solution from Current allows this restaurant chain to reduce operating expenses significantly.

Customer experience solutions with indoor positioning, drive-thru, mobile, and delivery services with data integration and analytics will deliver significant revenue improvements to achieve the restaurant chain’s business goals as well as highlight which solutions are most effective.

Current, in partnership with this restaurant chain is delivering core capabilities in their digital transformation through both innovation, productivity, and cost reduction.

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