Current's Energy Management & Digital Technologies Drive Sustainability for JPMorgan Chase 


JPMorgan Chase & Co. has a history of advancing environmentally sustainable solutions for clients and their own operations. In fact, building on their long-term commitment to sustainability, they recently announced two new goals to source renewable power for 100 percent of their global energy needs by 2020 and to facilitate $200 billion in clean financing by 2025.  

Together with Current, Chase is investing in systems that drive energy efficiency, productivity and sustainability in nearly 4,500 branches across the U.S.  Specifically, Current will implement new energy management and digital technologies to cut Chase’s total energy consumption by 15 percent and lighting-related consumption by 50 percent. 

This initiative represents the next step of a 2016 collaboration on the world’s largest LED lighting installation. To date, 2,500 Chase branches have been retrofitted with LED lighting that spans 25 million square feet; an additional 60 JPMorgan Chase corporate offices are also scheduled for LED retrofits. 


To increase energy efficiency in Chase branches across the U.S., Current will install a variety of software applications designed to improve energy management, irrigation processes, and lighting and power system controls. 

Current’s new AllSites™ application will provide enterprise-level, cloud-based visibility into energy and HVAC efficiency across thousands of retail branches through Chase’s Network Operations Center. 

In addition, Current will utilize an app built by Weathermatic to manage HVAC, lighting, and leak detection, as well as develop on-site solar-power generation. 

"As we think about the future of our branch and workplace, we're always looking for smart strategies that make our business and buildings more sustainable. This technology will help us run our facilities more efficiently, reduce energy consumption and improve the experience of our clients, customers and employees." 

David Owen - Chief Administrative Officer, JPMorgan Chase


Chase’s new installation complements the bank’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, which includes efforts to manage its buildings and branches more efficiently. The bank is on target to reach their goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50 percent below 2005 levels by 2020 and continues to offset 100 percent of emissions generated by employee air travel on an annual basis. The bank also promotes renewable energy by supporting projects that bring new renewable energy capacity to the grid. 

In addition to the 15 percent reduction in total energy consumption and 50 percent reduction in lighting-related consumption—the equivalent of removing 27,000 cars from the road—JPMorgan Chase also anticipates a 20 percent reduction in water consumption from irrigation systems. 

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