A Smart Solution that Keeps the World’s Leading Tire Company Rolling

To say the world’s largest tire and rubber company uses a significant amount of energy would be putting it mildly. That’s why they make it their responsibility to work towards having a positive and lasting impact on the environment— with aggressive sustainability goals like achieving a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020 and 50% by 2050.

So they challenged us to help them reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs at their 1.4 million square foot tire distribution center in Jacksonville, FL.

We accepted the challenge—with LED updates and our Daintree™ wireless control system.

First, we deployed 925 GE Albeo™ ABV high-bay LED fixtures to enable the customer to decrease their wattage per fixture by 51%—and increase fixture life by more than 3 times (100,000 hours vs. 30,000 hour life of their existing fluorescent fixtures). This upgrade also means fewer fixtures in the facility and better light distribution in the aisles.

Next, we implemented GE’s Daintree wireless control system, which provides the building with specified zones for dimming schedules, as well as exhaust fan controls for even more energy savings.

Together, these smart enhancements resulted in a 60% reduction of annual lighting-related energy consumption and significantly lowered maintenance costs—giving the company more control of their lighting and aligning to their sustainability goals.

This is just the company’s first step towards creating an intelligent environment. The customer has not only reduced their energy, they’ve put infrastructure in place that will allow them to build on their investment with additional solutions that will further enhance their operational effectiveness. The possibilities are endless—from better inventory management to tracking an order as it moves from pickup to shipment, to any additional cost savings hidden within the building.

Until then, this tire giant will keep rolling with big energy savings and an improved environmental position.

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