How to Use Innovative LED Lighting & Controls for a More Productive, Safe and Efficient Facility

Manufacturing Success: Conveying energy savings, illumination solutions and intuitive ideas for industrial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities

A better quality of light that’s better for business A more productive and safer workplace environment through improved efficiency and enhanced controls

Industrial operations, heavy manufacturing and assembly facilities, warehouses and distribution centers of all types and sizes need robust, rugged and reliable illumination solutions designed for these spaces. The right lighting partner—one that understands your high-intensity work in hazardous conditions, the speed and complexity of your operation and the floor space used—makes a big difference.

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We make your space brighter and safer. See fewer workers' compensation claims and reduced accidental product damage.
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We give you more control. And controls. Achieve an added 20% savings where connected controls are used.
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We make your operations more efficient. Save up to 50% when switching to LED.

Facilities can save up to 70% with the right combination of products and solutions.

A note on Daintree® Wireless Controls

This e-book speaks to various Daintree® controls offerings, primarily Daintree® EZ Connect and Daintree® Networked.

Daintree EZ Connect allows zonal control of your lighting. It can be programmed and customized with the Daintree EZ Connect commissioning app.

Daintree Networked is a full-featured lighting controls platform that enables you to schedule lighting across the complete building—or even across campuses—based on hours of operation. Utilizing the web-based Daintree® Controls Software (DCS), Daintree Networked allows you to upgrade and tie into building management systems or HVAC platforms. It can also take your business into the world of IoT with platforms like asset tracking.


down Take a factory tour to see all the ways Current solutions drive savings.

Exterior: (Over)night Vision

Boost your security for third shift and around the clock. With the amount of traffic from both staff vehicles and delivery trucks, Current delivers a properly lit exterior that meets recommended light level requirements and enhances safety and visibility during evening and overnight hours. Meanwhile, sign lighting creates a crisp, clean look that enhances your business’s brand.

For delivery trucks, well-lit areas make docks easier to find and navigate around. For your staff and customers, an illuminated parking area helps to minimize any fender benders and risks of theft. Add in wireless lighting controls to enhance efficiency even more.



Logistics Warehouse and Distribution Center: Miles of Aisles in Sync

Distribution centers and warehouses require a heightened need for visibility around corners and in aisles. Add in fast-moving forklift traffic and workers being able to clearly see labels on inventory, and the need for lighting that enhances safety and visibility becomes crucial for a worry-free and efficient operation.

Plus, high bay LED lighting from Current provides a high-efficiency alternative––in a simple and functional design––to traditional HID and linear products that don’t produce the same quality of light.



Open Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers: Conveying Inventory and Information

The logistical considerations for open warehouses and fulfillment centers are a complex web of kitting and packaging, inbound and outbound traffic, and human and automated tasks where seconds and precise accuracy matter. Current offers lighting that’s bright for label reading, features color rendering to see colors and shapes easily, and has the potential for asset tracking too.



Heavy Manufacturing: Light. Work.

When heavy machinery is helping to build heavy equipment, industrial lighting should do more than weather the environment. It should also make the environment brighter, safer and more comfortable to work in. LED solutions from Current in the heavy manufacturing space stand up to the smoke, heat, debris and dust that gets thrown their way, plus they provide better light quality than HID. The higher quality vertical light levels on equipment and product surfaces enhance operation visibility, production efficiency, quality control and safety.



Cold Storage: Keep Cool With Temperature Control

Traditional lighting in this space is quite lacking. Why? Because cold temperatures that condense gases make traditional lamps less effective. Connection points can fail. LED lighting runs at a lower temperature than HID and fluorescent, thriving in the cold and standing up to extreme temperatures. Lighting solutions that factor in the total cold storage space––from surface areas to the air itself––can do more for your business in ways that freeze out the competition.



Food Processing: An Appetite for Quality Assurance

The ingredients for safer food handling and a more efficient lighting approach begin with Current LED solutions. Our lamps and fixtures are versatile for the space and take a bite out of your wasted energy, while the menu of control options enables you to monitor the space.



Light Manufacturing: Up Close and Personnel

Light manufacturing areas may have less noise and floorspace, but the precision needed by those who work there is crucial. Current LED solutions enhance the products in light assembly for inspection, visibility and accuracy.



Hazardous Locations: As Tough as the Job

In precarious places like oil and gas processing plants where compliance is non-negotiable, the less one needs to worry about the lights and regulations, the better. Current LED solutions are durable and compliant with the most stringent rules. They also deliver a wide, bright light for large spaces needing better visibility 24/7.



Daintree® Wireless Controls: Simple. Scalable. Flexible.

Advanced lighting controls, leading-edge software and an intuitive, web-based software application. The open architecture of the Daintree® Wireless Controls can integrate with third-party devices and applications to expand control beyond lighting and create more intelligent environments.

Daintree® Networked: Industrial-Strength Innovation

Monitor and schedule system-level control from a central location.

More than a control system, Daintree® lighting controls are a simple, scalable and flexible controls system that allows you to evolve with your business. Daintree® EZ Connect provides app-based zonal commissioning of your lighting. Daintree® Networked and the Daintree® Controls Software (DCS) web-based app enable a controls strategy for multisite locations.

Schedule lighting easily
Utilize DCS to control and schedule lighting across the facility or facilities, all from one location.

Report on energy usage
See how much energy is being utilized, at what time periods and in each location. Then have the ability to adjust the output and controls strategy.

Enable data utilization
DCS analyzes data in real time, so you know what’s happening now to control factors as they occur. Plus you can anticipate needs such as maintenance updates, shift changes and high-traffic periods.

Control the whole building envelope
All lighting inside and out can be managed with one controls system, and you can also integrate with your building management system.

Enhance customer experience and employee productivity
Keep employees primed for inventory changes, busy delivery times and maintenance fulfillment. Plus, provide added comfort in terms of lighting and temperature.

Save energy
Control when lights are on and off and integrate with HVAC and thermostats to reduce operating costs and maintenance.

Provide an infrastructure of IoT
With open architecture and third-party applications, you can build in limitless and advanced metrics on people counting, asset tracking, heat mapping and more.



What is Daintree® Controls Software?

  • Easy to set up, DCS is a flexible way to manage your store portfolio effectively and efficiently.
  • Scale up to integrate with building management systems via BA Cnet protocols.
  • Meet your Smart Building needs today or in the future with an enterprise-level Web API.
  • Centralize scheduling and monitoring to ensure that all your stores are performing uniformly across the entire region or network.


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