Daintree® WHS20

The Daintree WHS20 is a High-Bay occupancy sensor and photocell sensor. It is available as an integrated component with many Albeo® High Bay LED Lighting fixtures.

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Features & Benefits

  • Works on Daintree ONE, Daintree EZ Connect and Daintree Networked Wireless Lighting Controls systems
  • Provides Occupancy Sensing and Daylight Harvesting in one device
  • Commissioned with WHR1 Remote, Daintree EZ Connect mobile App or on the Daintree Networked system with Daintree Controls Software web application
  • Available in bottom or side mount on Albeo® High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures
  • Provides Energy Code Compliance


Controls Platform
Daintree One, Daintree Networked, Daintree EZ Connect
Mounting Options
Bottom mount or side mount
Occupancy Detection
PIR technology
Ambient Light Detection
Low: 8ft (Order separately), Medium: 20ft (Order separately), High: 33ft (Standard), 360° or Aisle
Input Voltage
Current Consumption
< 0.5Wz
Driver Compatibility
Digital Addressable (DA), Digital Power Bus
Radio Properties
2.4GHz, +10dBm transmit power
Operating Temp
-40 to 70 °C
Damp, NSF
5 year limited warranty

Full-Featured Occupancy Sensing and Dimming Control in One Sensor

Daintree WHS20 sensor features occupancy sensing and 0-10V dimming capability in one cost-effective sensor. The WHS20 also allows daylight harvesting, which saves additional energy costs, especially in warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facilities with skylights.

Pre-installed in Albeo® High Bay LED Lighting Fixtures

Available in bottom mount or side-mount options, the Daintree WHS20 comes pre-installed in many Albeo® High Bay Luminaires. This makes installation fast, easy and compliant with many of the widely accepted Energy Codes.

Scalable, Upgradable & Intuitive

The Daintree Wireless Lighting Controls WHS20 High Bay Sensor can be programmed in standalone Daintree ONE mode with the WHR1 remote. This remote provides effective 2-way communication between the sensor and the remote, ensuring successful programming. The remote provides a easy-to-use graphical interface making the commissioning process easy. The sensor can also be upgraded to zonal control with the Daintree EZ Connect app or full functioning Daintree Networked for full-building scheduling and energy monitoring in with Daintree Controls Software (DCS).

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