Daintree® WHR1

The WHR1 Wireless Handheld Remote is a commissioning tool using two-way infrared communication with Daintree® WHS20 Wireless Sensors in Albeo® High Bay lighting.


Features & Benefits

  • Works with WHS20 on the Daintree ONE platform
  • WHR1 provides errors and troubleshooting messages for quick resolve
  • Customize the performance of the lighting fixture
  • Easily program and commission Albeo® High Bay Fixtures with "FB" Controls Cat Logic with the WHR1 Remote
  • Two-way communication between WHR1 and WHS20 ensures proper commissioning
  • Individual fixture control in High Bay environments


Controls Platform
Daintree One
Mounting Options
Occupancy Detection
2 way IR communication with WHS20
5 year limited warranty

Intuitive Commissioning

The intuitive graphical interface makes customization of commissioning Albeo® High Bay Fixtures with integrated WHS20 sensors easy.

Clear Communication

2-way IR communication between WHS20 sensors and WHR1 remote ensure connection success, and the remote will alert issues for quick problem solving.

Code Compliance

Features like ambient light detection allow devices to be programmed appropriately to ensure code compliance in most stringent code markets.

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