LightSweep® CLCRM6/CLCRMS6

The LightSweep CLCRM6/CLCRMS6 is an addressable relay control module that provides push button and LED feedback for 6 individually controlled relays.

Features & Benefits

  • Controls up to 6 relays with or without feedback
  • Optional relay control via 6 hardwired switch inputs
  • Color-coded spring-type terminals for switch wiring
  • Push button programming capable for basic operation
  • Toggle relay state via push button
  • Jumper selectable for Pilot or Location switch functionality
  • Communicating on CAN lighting network


Color Offering
Mounting Options
Mounting clips
Low Voltage Output
6 outputs 24 V half way rectified
Current Consumption
150 mA
Binary Input
2-3 wires momentary or maintained switch
Binary Output
30A Mechanically latching relays
Inputs: 6 2-position closed-contact switch inputs (RMS6), Outputs: Compatible with RR7 and RR9 relays
Operating Temp
0 to 55 °C
cULus, CE, Title 20, FCC
Dry, RoHS
1 year limited warranty

Product Documents

Brochures / Catalogs

Controls Six 30 Amp Mechanically Latching Relays

Controls six relays, provides the relay ON/OFF state (CLCRM6) or ON/OFF/FAILED status (CLCRMS6).

Push Buttons for Relays Override

Push buttons allow users to locally control and test each relay or assign the relays to a control scene.

Stores Relay Configuration Parameters

Relay configuration properties are: Direct/reverse acting – reverse acting when controlling electrically held contactors NC. Feedback Enabled/Disabled based on relay type. Flick Warning operation – warns the OFF event so user can override. Time to OFF – how many minutes between the warning and OFF event.