LightSweep® CLCGSM8

CLCGSM8 Group Switch Module has eight configurable inputs that can be setup as switch, photocell or occupancy sensor and eight programmable lighting groups.

Features & Benefits

  • Connects up to 4 photocell inputs
  • Connects up to 4 0-10V dimming outputs
  • Color-coded spring-type terminals for photocell and ballast
  • Closed-loop daylighting control build into channel
  • LED output indication of level
  • Jumper selectable for network or transformer power


Color Offering
Mounting Options
Mounting clips
Analog Input
Eight inputs 0-17VDC
Low Voltage Output
8 outputs - 17 VDC
Current Consumption
550 mA
Binary Input
2-3 wires momentary or maintained switch
8 4-position connectors for closed-contact switch/motion/photocell inputs including pilot/locator lightoutputs
Operating Temp
0 to 55 °C
cULus, CE, Title 20, FCC
Dry, RoHS
1 year limited warranty

Product Documents

Brochures / Catalogs

CLCGSM8 has 8 Programmable Inputs and 8 Lighting Control Groups

Each Input can be configured as Analog (sensor) or digital (switch). Supplies 17VDC for occupancy sensors or photocells.

Switch/Sensors Flexible Configuration

Switch operation can be setup as Standard switch ON/OFF' ON Only; OFF Only, Timed Override; switch enabled or disabled by Schedule or Sensor, Occupancy sensor setup ON/OFF; ON Only; OFF Only, Flick Warning. Photocell setup range from 100 - 2000 FC based on photocell type. Configurable ON/OFF thresholds with ON/OFF, ON Only or OFF only as well as Direct to Reverse Acting.

Pushbuttons for Scene Program/Command and LEDs for Status Feedback

Pushbuttons allow the user to assign relays to a control scene or manually control the scene at the panel. The LED status indicators give a visual verification that the controls are working as expected.