LightGRID+ Internal Fixture Module

The LightGRID+ Wireless Internal Fixture Module is a bidirectional wireless RF device that allows an individual fixture to be managed, monitored and metered.

Features & Benefits

  • On/Off lighting control with 0-10v full-range dimming
  • 5 Digital/Analog inputs for low-voltage switches, motion sensors, photocells, lux meters and other sensors
  • Secondary low-voltage outputs for driving additional external loads (e.g., contactors)
  • Bidirectional long range wireless RF Mesh communications with military grade AES-128 (or AES-256) encryption
  • Multi-level grouping and multiple scenarios
  • Programmable state after blackout, with peak shaving options
  • Revenue-grade metering (+/- 0.5% accuracy) with multiple user-configurable alarms
  • Complete integration with LightGRID+ software


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