LightGRID+ Wireless Gateway GW3

LightGRID+ Gateway G3 (GW3) is a autonomous controller that combines LightGRID+ Fixture Modules into a single wireless network. The GW3 enables communications between fixture modules and LightGRID+ Enterprise Central Management Server or LightGRID+ Express software app.

Features & Benefits

  • Autonomously manages up to 500 fixture modules
  • Astronomical and fixed time scheduling
  • Uses Flash memory storage in order to withstand temperature, shock and vibrations
  • Supports network connectivity via Ethernet connection (Standard) or optional cellular modem
  • Enhanced surge protection 6kV/3kA per ANSI C62.41-2002
  • Bidirectional long range wireless RF Mesh communications with military grade AES-128 (or AES-256) encryption
  • NEMA 4X (IP66) cabinet
  • Optional cabinet heater for extreme cold environments


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