Top Projects to Consider for Improving Energy Efficiency

Motivated to make a change? There are many ways in which you can pursue energy-efficiency goals, from simple to sophisticated.

These are some of the most readily available ways you can add value through efficiency:

Simple Power Management:

Let’s start with the basics: electronic equipment. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, idle electronics make up for large portions of wasted energy across the United States—equal to the annual output of 12 power plants. You can chip away at that figure by ensuring your facility is using power managing energy strips. If your facility houses a large computer infrastructure, work with the IT department to ensure power settings are optimized.

Optimize Controls:

According to a recent study published by Consulting Specifying Engineer magazine, integrated systems—those combining the controls of multiple large systems—have made huge strides recently. Where once it was thought overly complex, recent breakthroughs in control technology have made this a more attainable and cost-effective strategy to better manage energy use in large facilities. Further, overall intelligent building design is growing in prominence. It takes strategy and coordination to successfully implement, so be sure to seek an expert partner to help make this goal a reality.

Evaluate Your Lighting:

Replacing old, inefficient lighting across your facility is one of the most reliable ways to effect instant change. Aesthetic benefits now frequently dovetail with potential energy savings and ROI. Not to mention, a lighting redesign will make your facility look better and help provide a more pleasing environment for employees, customers and visitors.

Harness the Outdoors:

It may sound too simple, but your landscaping can have a major impact on your energy costs. Just as humans tend to seek shade on a hot day, your facility can benefit from natural shade. Research shows that strategically placed trees can be an effective means of combating “heat islands” in urban areas and can have a beneficial impact on cooling costs for large facilities via shading.

Go Solar:

Solar power is increasingly attainable and prominent. On-site solar energy generation can directly benefit commercial and industrial sites. Electricity costs can be slashed, annual energy spending can be rendered more predictable for lower overall operating costs.

Diverting and harnessing natural light works inside your facility, too. Many facilities have taken advantage of industrial shades and window films to block the heat of sunlight. And it’s not just about keeping the sun out—taking advantage of the natural light via daylight harvesting and smart controls can be another way to manage your lighting and energy costs.

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