Six Lighting Solutions from Current Selected for the 2022 Illuminating Engineering Society Annual Progress Report

GREENVILLE, S.C., Aug. 22, 2022

Six lighting solutions from Current™ were featured in the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report Committee’s annual report, which was released and presented on Aug. 19 at the 2022 IES Annual Conference. The report is an important reference guide for those who spec new builds and retrofit projects. 

“We’re proud of the teams that helped us earn this level of recognition,” says Chip Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer. “Each of the six qualifying products are right in line with the Current mission to connect customers to the next generation of smart and sustainable world-class lighting solutions that create safer, efficient, inspiring environments.” 

The six solutions listed below illustrate a variety of lighting scenarios, such as addressing safety systems for commercial and industrial environments; delivering stylish and contemporary office lighting; and forward-thinking and intuitive controls.

Dual-Lite ELSS Life Safety System powers commercial and industrial exits as well as emergency lighting from one central battery system with Spectron® Self-Test/Self-Diagnostics to simplify monitoring and maintenance.

GE covRguard® XL LED Tubes are type B double-ended plastic sleeved glass made to meet the rigorous demands of high-temperature T5 high-output operations. The exclusive shield is designed not to crack, peel or become brittle over the life of the lamp and can withstand temperatures up to 300º F.

GE Hazardous Location LED Replacement Lamps offer 2.5 times the life of a standard HID while standing up to the rugged environments of places such as drilling rigs, petrochemical facilities, food and beverage facilities, and other heavy-industry areas.

NX Lighting Controls NXP2 Series Lighting Controls Panels can operate as a standalone product or as an NX-networked device. It meets all applicable code and energy requirements, is fully scalable, easy to install, and can be programmed and controlled using the NX Lighting Control mobile commissioning app. Also offers optional UL924 emergency control.

Forum Onyx Luminaires offer a completely configurable blackout fixture system. Available in standalone linear and curvilinear forms as well as complex systems traversing vertical, horizontal, recessed, surface, and suspended conditions seamlessly.

Forum riZer Luminaires linear and curvilinear bidirectional wayfinding step illumination system.  Independently controllable illuminated apertures provide safe, efficient and configurable options to help move occupants through environments with little to no ambient sources. Varying color schemes can be employed to direct movement to a desired location without the use of other visual or audio cues. 

In addition to the recognition and inclusion in the IES Annual Report, the two Forum products will be demonstrated on stage at the IES Conference.

“Knowing how valuable the IES report is to those who spec products for their projects makes it an especially rewarding achievement,” adds Taylor. “We’re excited to put these products on full display at the IES Annual Conference.”  

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