Current Chemicals Showcases Next-Generation Display Technology at Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum 2022

SAN FRANCISCO October 27, 2022 – Current Chemicals is unveiling market-ready miniLED LCD displays with phosphor film at the Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum 2022 in San Francisco this week. These displays are high contrast and wide color gamut (WCG) to deliver a best-in-class viewing experience. Current Chemicals encapsulated Current’s TriGain® KSF/PFS red phosphor and Current’s new JADEluxe™ narrow-band green (NBG) phosphor into a phosphor film and partnered with Innolux to manufacture the miniLED LCD backlight panels. 

“Current Chemicals is excited to demonstrate this novel phosphor film technology for the miniLED applications of today and the microLED applications of the future. We believe our TriGain® KSF/PFS red phosphor and JADEluxe™ narrow-band green phosphor in film will make a significant impact on the advanced display market,” said Bill Cohen, Vice President and General Manager of Current Chemicals.

Current Chemicals has an extensive history of innovation in phosphors and luminescent materials. Current will continue to partner with industry leaders to bring new display technologies to market. For more information on these phosphor film miniLED displays, please contact [email protected]

Current’s booth will be located at the Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum, which runs from October 26-27, 2022 in San Francisco, California. 

About Current Chemicals:
Current Chemicals, a division of Current, is a specialty materials manufacturer with more than 70 years’ experience in high purity luminescent materials, including LED phosphors, and rare earth compounds. Current’s patented TriGain® KSF/PFS red phosphor delivers high absorption with improved reliability compared to standard KSF phosphors. TriGain® technology enables 90 CRI lighting products and LED-backlit displays with the richest, most vibrant red color available on LED. In addition to Current’s advancements in phosphors, we also support customers in chemical manufacturing as well as the development of custom materials and formulations for diverse markets. Learn more at