October Utility Blog: Refit Advantage Utility Direct Installation Program Update

Recently Current saw the successful launch of the Refit Advantage Direct Installation program in five states! These states (CA, MA, MD, PA & IL) offer some of the largest opportunities from an incentive/rebate standpoint and will serve as the pilot for offering more of these programs in the future. In this program, the Refit Advantage group targeted the utility direct installation programs as a channel to drive sales. Direct installation programs are typically utilized by small businesses because they provide a turn-key solution for the end user and enhanced incentives. However, as programs mature and evolve, this model is quickly becoming the preferred solution for other business segments as well, ranging from healthcare and education to multi family. Why is that? Expedited projects and working with trade allies that have expertise in a designated channel are two of the primary drivers of these types of programs, but they can create challenges for trade allies. The Refit Advantage program works to address some of those challenges by enabling the trade allies to more successfully deliver and install energy efficient lighting and controls. In this program, utility approved distributors receive preferred pricing as an easy way to target this channel, creating an additional incentive to sell to installation trade allies.

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