August Utility Blog: Trends & Solutions, Utility Market Segmentation

Electric utilities are on a never ending quest to reach as many customers as they can with their messaging. This messaging can come in the form of sustainability, grid resiliency, rates and incentive/rebate programs. However, it is not always an easy course to chart. With rapid dissemination of information and a lack of focus amongst consumers, utilities struggle to reach their audiences with clear and concise messaging.

The typical progression of a rebate program is to start by offering product incentives/rebates and extending them to the general residential and commercial customers, ultimately leading to the next phase of program development, which is market segmentation. Utilities are being forced to reinvent not only who they communicate with, but also how they communicate with those end users. Customers are looking for solutions that are relevant to their interests and come from companies with expertise in that area. Rather than searching through program information to determine if their projects will fit in a “commercial rebate” program, they want to be able to click on an icon that takes them to a solution within seconds. These programs should offer the consumer a one stop shopping solution in a modified direct install program. California, as is usually the case with new program developments, has already started this process and has taken that structure statewide with their investor/owner utilities.

Knowledgeable product manufacturers will re-align their products and services with these new vertical and specialized programs. Please follow the link provided below to find out how Current is helping to sync products and services up with these rebate programs locally and nationwide.