National Bank of Arizona Drives Significant Energy Efficiency and Savings 


National Bank of Arizona (NBAZ) is a full service financial institution with offices and branches in over 50 Arizona communities. Jason King, vice president of facilities and maintenance, aimed at establishing NBAZ as a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy and consequently had ambitious goals to manage sites remotely and to operate facilities efficiently by minimizing lighting and HVAC spend without compromising comfort.   

The staff analyzed the bank’s portfolio of sites and came up with a plan to reduce energy consumption by deploying efficient lighting, state of the art variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioning, and an energy management system (EMS).  


Based on recommendations from LG Electronics, King considered the bank’s vendor for lighting and HVAC systems, King considered Daintree™ solutions from Current. A thorough analysis based on trials of alternative solutions proved that Daintree had the lowest installation cost, offered the most comprehensive control, and the software was very easy to use with an intuitive user interface. The use of standards based technology was crucial for NBAZ since it offered choice of vendors for end devices and ensured fair pricing. 

According to King, only Daintree solutions offered multi-application control of lighting and HVAC systems and was subsequently selected to be deployed at the bank’s Prescott location. “ControlScope (CSM) offers the ability to put the Prescott site to sleep once employees go home and wake it up before the employees are back for normal business hours, delivering automatic energy savings.” 

By using the global ZigBee standard rather than proprietary technology, Daintree interoperates with any ZigBee standard product and offers a future-proof platform that can be expanded to include other applications like plug load, environment sensors, and fan control. 


Deploying an EMS system involves elaborate wiring that takes days causing operational disruption and customer inconvenience—not acceptable in a banking environment. The Daintree wireless solution eliminates complex wiring, installs quickly, and delivers about 50% cost savings over a hard-wired solution. The installation at the 3000-square-foot Prescott facility was completed in less than two days, saving the bank precious downtime and money.  

 Prior to the Daintree installation, King relied on monthly utility bills to track site energy consumption. This reactive approach was causing unnecessary waste and leading to an excessive energy bill. King is now able to monitor the site remotely, have granular detail down to individual device, and act immediately based on the real-time information and reports.  

Daintree solutions have helped NBAZ achieve its goal of deploying a future-proof building energy management solution. ControlScope has delivered over 10,170 KWh in energy savings with an ROI in less than two years. The solution helped NBAZ to achieve efficient HVAC, interior, and exterior lighting and exceed cost saving goals. 

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