Introducing Tetra® Slim EdgeStrip and Tetra® EdgeLine Webinar

Current Lighting is ready to unveil its new products: Tetra® Slim EdgeStrip and Tetra® EdgeLine.

Tetra® Slim EdgeStrip is an LED system that is designed for single- or double-sided Cabinet Signs, and Tetra® EdgeLine is a slim wall wash fixture for canopies and other wall wash applications.

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Tetra® Slim EdgeStrip:

  • How Tetra® Slim EdgeStrip can be easily installed around the edge of shallow depth signs.
  • A detailed view on Tetra® Slim EdgeStrip’s specifications.

Tetra® EdgeLine:

  • How Tetra® EdgeLine’s slim form is suitable for mounting in tight application spaces, and can maximize vertical wash using a narrow, symmetric light distribution, with no scalloping.
  • A detailed view on Tetra® EdgeLine’s specifications and features.