Introducing Tetra® Contour Flex and Contour Gen 2 Webinar

Current Lighting is ready to unveil its new and updated LED border lighting systems: Tetra® Contour Flex and Tetra® Contour Gen 2. 

Tetra® Contour Flex is a flexible LED system that can easily be formed to fit a wide variety of designs and applications without the need to heat it in an oven; and unlike its previous generation, Tetra® Contour Gen 2 is easier and quicker to install due to the new light engine design.

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Contour Flex:

  • Contour Flex’s bendable design and installation.
  • The wide range of colors for your desired applications.

Contour Gen 2:

  • Contour Gen 2’s new Side-Bend and Back-Bend designs.
  • The new and improved light engines and quick installation.