Healthy Energy Savings 

Our Customer 

GE Healthcare, a business of GE Current, a Daintree company, provides medical technologies and services that help to deliver patient care to people around the world.  
“The Boston office was at or near the top in regard to the cost to operate, so we worked to revamp it by including revisions to how and where individual offices were to be used,” said Tim Kannally, facilities manager who helped oversee the transformation. “Through this project, the Boston office went from one of the most expensive Current Healthcare sites to one of the most efficiently run sites for the business.” 

The Solution 

Kannally and his team identified that occupancy rarely exceeded 50 percent due to frequent travel of employees or the convenience of working remotely. This knowledge was instrumental as they initiated the renovation with architects to determine the best design for a smaller footprint with fewer assigned seats.  
Gone are the days of large executive suites that sit empty for days on end or offices designated for workers simply based on pay grade. Current Healthcare executives now utilize a ‘hoteling' approach, or a reservation-based assignment of office space, and most other employees use work stations located throughout an open floor plan.  
The work—completed in four months—incorporated LED lighting while increasing the amount of natural light. 

Results & Benefits 

The LED luminaires provide significant savings as lighting uses upwards of 30 percent of total energy use in a typical office environment.  
“It's clean and brand new with updated branding that, when you walk in the door, you know it's a Current space,” Kannally said.  
The new look integrates energy-efficient Current LED office lighting, including nearly 350 2x2 Lumination™ ET Series LED Recessed Troffer Luminaires and 34 square 4-inch Lumination DI Series LED Downlights, equipped with controls and motion sensors. The space also incorporates 1x4 Lumination EP Series LED Suspended Luminaires. The LED lighting offers greater rated lifetimes and diminished maintenance costs and needs than the T8 and T12 lamps that previously illuminated the offices. 

office conference room 
Interior designer Kate Ryan with Dyer Brown & Associates, the architecture firm that oversaw the project, said, “The facility provides Current Healthcare employees with a more efficient and innovative environment that reflects today's workplace strategies across many industries through the more energy-efficient lighting, multi-functional support spaces and brand identity.” 

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