Fortune 500 Bank Improves Operations with Central Controls, Saving $1 Million


A leading US banking institution discovered that 75 percent of the thermostats in its locations were either not at corporate-required set points or their clocks or calendars were not correct. This resulted in significant heating and cooling expenses. In addition, the bank wanted to reduce risk/safety issues for customers if an ATM light went out at night. 


Daintree’s sensor-enabled network from Current, was selected because it met the bank’s extensive criteria. Indoor and outdoor circuit-based lighting automation was installed with failure detection and enterprise-level alarms and alerts. HVAC control and monitoring was also installed to make sure the unit is functioning properly and settings are correct, ensuring the thermostats are always set to the right temperature for the right time of day.

Insights provided by these same sensors can predict imminent failure by sending alarms when short cycling or unusual time to temperature duration are detected. This allows repairs to be scheduled and emergency service costs to be avoided. Information from sensors can also improve maintenance, operations, reduce downtime and lessen disruptions in the work place. And, the system also makes it easy to ensure occupant comfort, improving employee satisfaction and customer experience at each branch.


With the solution deployed in more than 400 retail bank branches, the company realized savings of nearly $1 million each year in energy and operational efficiency. Moreover, customer safety at ATM machines has been improved.

Since the sensor-enabled network is an open, future-proof solution that uses a ZigBee mesh network (the leading standard for wireless building controls), it affords the flexibility to easily add a variety of fixtures and sensors over time. In the future, as the bank continues down the path towards an intelligent environment, it can pull in new data from the platform and utilize third-party applications. Examples include Serraview, which helps managers understand space utilization at the desk level in real-time and tracks patterns over the longer term, and Instapio, which helps respond to customer needs, such as queue management, in real-time. The possibilities for the future are endless.

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