Current and iOFFICE: Smart Offices for Smarter Businesses

What do employees want in a workplace? Once upon a time, the answer might have been a corner office and a clean kitchen. But today, employees have wish lists that go far beyond traditional drab offices and a 9-to-5 schedule. They want welcoming and comfortable spaces, easy-to-use integrated technologies, and an environment that helps them work more efficiently.

The Digital Workplace of the Future 

This new age of office space is about more than comfort. Employees who are happier in their office environment are 12% more productive than their dissatisfied counterparts, and they may be less likely to search for other opportunities. Companies themselves also benefit. Not only are more productive employees good for morale and the bottom line, but smarter offices can also be more energy efficient and significantly cut down on wasted space.

But building a digital workplace that satisfies employees, increases productivity and can scale with business growth is a tall order. It’s not a project many companies are equipped to tackle alone.

Partnering for Success 

This challenge is exactly why iOFFICE and Current, have partnered to help companies create more productive workplaces. It all starts with Current’s Intelligent Environment platform, which uses sensors throughout the smart office to collect information such as occupancy and environmental data. It then feeds relevant data into iOFFICE’s workplace management solutions. The resulting real-time insights enable businesses to optimize their physical spaces. Employees can quickly find and reserve meeting rooms and other resources, while building managers can funnel maintenance only to the areas that need it. Perhaps best of all, the businesses themselves can cut down on energy consumption and minimize operational expenses by making the most of their existing space.