Ascent Lands on Albeo® LEDs for Large Aerospace Facility

The Opportunity

Ascent Aerospace inspires the next generation of flight with tooling and automated assembly systems that help customers conquer blue skies and beyond.

For Supply Chain Management Director Ryan Saling, conquering the company’s lighting spend is an inspiration all its own.

Ascent’s final assembly plant in Macomb, Michigan, spans 215,000 square feet with ceilings stretching nearly 30 feet high. Illuminated by some 400 fluorescent lighting fixtures, the spacious production center was in line for an LED upgrade that could cut costs significantly.







Ascent expects to achieve full ROI on its LED investment within one year.






The Solution

Saling was set on a competitive bid before learning about Current’s Albeo® ABV3 LED high bay lights for industrial buildings. He liked the fixtures’ unmistakable quality and reputation for reliability and, following an evaluation, opted to install Albeo product throughout the Macomb facility.

With local electrical integrator INTEC Automated Controls leading the charge, Ascent swapped old fluorescent fixtures for new Albeo LED luminaries in just four weeks. It was also able to offset project costs by earning a rebate from the DTE Energy Commercial Lighting Instant Discount Program.

“Success for me is a six-figure annual reduction in lighting energy costs year over year.”

- Ryan Saling, Director, Supply Chain Management

Why Current

As a partner to many pioneering enterprises, Ascent knows top-notch service and valued Current’s professional approach to addressing its needs.

“Their team kept ours informed at every turn in the process,” says Saling. “It’s just nice not to have those worries when you’re making this type of investment. The installation was seamless with minimal disruption to operations.




The Ascent facility with the old T5 Tubes and after the installation with Current LEDs.


The Results

The T5 fluorescent lamps at the Macomb plant required regular cleaning and replacement prior to installing LEDs. Now, Ascent estimates a $9,500 monthly savings due to less maintenance and less energy spent on lighting. Additionally, a 25% light level increase will allow the company to take full advantage of the benefits improved lighting can offer in a manufacturing environment.

“There are no exposed bulbs where dust can collect, and we do not anticipate renting a lift to change lights like before,” says Saling. “LED has come a long way in terms of performance and cost. We wanted a short payback window and found it with Albeo.” Learn more about how Current can help improve your industrial facility today.

Ascent acknowledges the INTEC Automated Controls team and Randy Kimmel, Current business development manager for the RefitAdvantage program, for exceptional project support throughout.