Daintree® WWS3

The WWS3 is a battery-powered, wireless 3-button wall switch scene controller that takes the place of a standard wall switch on the Daintree Networked platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Works on Daintree Networked Wireless Controls System
  • Intuitive personal controls provide scene based step-dimming control
  • Control the entire building envelope with one controls system, including indoor, outdoor and highbay lighting
  • Simple wall mount for commercial applications
  • Provides Energy Code Compliance
  • Daintree Controls Software provides Real-Time analytics and programming
  • Capable of integrating with Building Management Systems
  • Completely wireless installation, communicates to Daintree Networked nodes and devices.


Controls Platform
Daintree Networked
Mounting Options
Wall, 2 screws
Power Supply
(2) AAA 1.5V battery (included)
Current Consumption
DC 2.3V-3.6V
Radio Properties
2.4 GHz, +7dBm transmit power
Operating Temp
-10 to 50


The WWS3 is a battery-powered scene switch that takes the place of a standard wall switch. Using wireless communications, this switch can be used to turn lights on, off, or half brightness

Daintree Networked

Daintree Networked provides the infrastructure for feature-rich commercial lighting control for LED lighting. The Daintree Networked system also allows interconnectivity with other systems like HVAC, Plug Load control, fans, water heaters, air compressors and refrigeration units. The Daintree Networked platform allows building owners and managers the ability to monitor and resolve energy performance with the Daintree apps. Daintree Networked allows customers to go beyond lighting control and into the world of IoT.

Easy Installation

Installation is quick and easy without the need of any wires, plenum access or wall cavity. Its sleek, low-profile design will compliment any commercial environment.