Daintree® WSA10

The Daintree Networked WSA10 wireless sensor adaptor has multiple thermistor temperature sensors and 0-10V inputs for communication with a variety of HVAC sensors.

Features & Benefits

  • Works on Daintree Networked Wireless Controls System
  • Can wirelessly control devices such as pumps, motors and contactors
  • Can wirelessly control the variable speed of a fan, while connecting the 0-10V analog input to a multi-state device, such as a temperature sensor
  • The WGA100 provides On/Off switching and 0-10V analog control
  • Provides reporting and monitoring capability of binary and 0-10V analog signal inputs for a variety of building applications
  • Eliminate extensive wiring back to the thermostat controller or packaged unit
  • Continuous temperature logging with battery operation in the event of a facility power outage


Controls Platform
Daintree Networked
Mounting Options
Wall, ceiling, enclosure screw mount
Current Consumption
Voltage: 24V (AC/DC), Current: 10mA
Radio Properties
2.4 GHz, +8dBm transmit power

Product Documents

Daintree Networked

Daintree Networked provides the infrastructure for feature-rich commercial lighting control for LED lighting. The Daintree Networked system also allows interconnectivity with other systems like HVAC, Plug Load control, fans, water heaters, air compressors and refrigeration units. The Daintree Networked platform allows building owners and managers the ability to monitor and resolve energy performance with the Daintree apps. Daintree Networked allows customers to go beyond lighting control and into the world of IoT.

Integrates with HVAC Systems

The WSA10 enables open, standards based ZigBee wireless control communications with a variety of sensor devices used in HVAC systems.

Temperature Monitoring

The WSA10 provides up to four (4) thermistor temperature sensor inputs for temperature monitoring and logging, and up to two (2) 0-10V analog inputs suitable for connection to a broad range of transducers, enabling wireless control and management of wired end-devices within the Daintree Networked system.