Daintree® WANSI

The WANSI Node controls area lighting with a 5 or 7 pin ANSI receptacle. The node can zone, dim and schedule outdoor lighting on the Daintree Networked platform.


Features & Benefits

  • Works on Daintree Networked Wireless Controls System
  • Ability to control individual or groups of area and pedestrian outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Provides flexible scheduling with the Daintree Controls Software
  • Daintree Controls Software provides Real-Time analytics and programming
  • Easily integrates with Evolve® Area Lights
  • Daintree Networked is capable of integrating with other Building Management Systems


Controls Platform
Daintree Networked
Color Offering
Smoke Gray
Operating Light Levels
Turn-on: 1.5 FC, 1.5:1 Off/On Ratio, ± 0.25 FC
Triac Assist
800V, Prolongs relay life and reduces electrical noise
Current Consumption
≤2.0 Watts @ 120 - 277V, ≤3.6 Watts @ 347 - 480V
Operating Temp
-40 to 70 °C
5 year limited warranty

Full Building Control on One Platform

We’ve extended the powerful Daintree Networked wireless control platform to the interior, exterior and high-bay industrial environments. Users now have the ability to control their exterior LED lights on the same network as the interior.

Flexible Scheduling and Dimming Lighting Control

The Daintree Networked platform allows building owners and managers the ability to monitor and resolve energy performance with the Daintree apps. Daintree Networked allows customers to go beyond lighting control and into the world of IoT.

Ability to Control Individual Light Fixtures or Groups

The Daintree® Networked WANSI node provides the ability to control individual fixtures or groups of area lighting and pedestrian outdoor lighting fixtures that are equipped with 5- or 7-pin ANSI adaptors.

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