Arrow VLA

For retrofit or OEM applications, with value-added flexibility, power savings and simplified installation compared to incandescent.


Features & Benefits

  • Efficient optical design allows omnidirectional arrow placement with maximum light output
  • Up to 90% more efficient than incandescent
  • OEM or retrofit installation
  • 12-inch incandescent look (120V)
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • Shallow profile: 5” (126 mm)
  • Red, yellow and green color options, with clear or tinted lenses
  • Meets rigorous certification and testing standards


Family Modules/Configurations
Clear, Tinted
Color Offering
Red, Yellow, Green
Operating Temp
-40 to 74 °C
5 year limited warranty

The Clear Choice

LED signals are up to 90% more efficient compared to legacy incandescent signals, slashing energy costs. They also offer a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, versus as low as 5,000 for incandescent lamps, greatly reducing labor expenses. When signals are in rail yards, in tunnels, on high bridges or close to energized high-voltage power lines, they present serious employee hazards. The less time spent troubleshooting or changing lamps in such settings, the better.

Where it All Began

The first commercial LED fixture we ever sold was a red signal, and we have been continuously improving our signals ever since. Our heritage is in LED signals, designed to stand the test of time in the toughest environments. When you buy a Current signal, you are buying the industry’s most trusted products, that you can count on year after year.

Built for Demanding Environments

Signals are critical to safety, and subject to extreme weather conditions, high levels of vibration, physical impact, and everything in between. When you buy from Current, you are buying a signal that has been built, tested, and retested to ensure that it will light up, year after year. Don’t leave your signal needs to just anybody – buy from the brand you can trust.


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