Town Hall Takes the Fight to Germs

The Opportunity

As employees and residents expressed concern over the growing pandemic, the Southbury Emergency Management team investigated new approaches to providing additional layers of protection against germs in public buildings to complement proper mask wearing, social distancing and other safety protocols and mitigation measures.

“This is the first disinfection lighting solution to be used in high-traffic areas in our building.”

- Stephen Schnell, Emergency Management Director, Town of Southbury, CT

The Solution

Multiple 365DisInFx™ LPU Series devices from Current were mounted at entry points and outside public restrooms at Southbury Town Hall. The devices emit ultraviolet (UVC) light at levels below human exposure limits defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®).

LPU, using patent-pending LED technology, helps target the inactivation of aerosolized viruses like seasonal coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2 in a typical room application.*


Why Current

The Emergency Management team appreciates how most building occupants do not take notice of the new devices working overhead. That’s because LPU does not make noise and emits light that is invisible to the human eye.

“Indicator lights tell us the unit is functioning; otherwise, you tend to forget it’s there doing its job day and night,” says Schnell.


The Results

As town employees help to navigate the Southbury community through uncertainty, First Selectman Jeff Manville and the Emergency Management team find it reassuring to take steps to fight germs more effectively in occupied spaces.

“We are pleased with our trial to date,” he says. “The product is good quality, and employee satisfaction has increased with knowledge of our efforts to mitigate germs.”


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* Claims based on in-situation testing with 365DisInFx™ UVC disinfection technology LPU Series devices utilizing the aerosolized virus, bacteriophage MS2. UV radiation can pose a risk of personal injury―see test results, and Make an Informed Decision at