The United Safety & Survivability Corp Extends Current’s 365DisInFx® UV Technology to Transportation and First Responders

The United Safety & Survivability Corporation is a global leader in the design and engineering of world-class safety and technology solutions across a wide range of industries and categories. They are committed to delivering the most innovative and reliable safety solutions that their customers can trust to protect life and property.

This partnership between Current and the United Safety & Survivability Corporation will provide LED UV disinfection technology for public transportation vehicles including buses, locomotives and rail, school buses, as well as first responder fire trucks and ambulances. It will also broaden United Safety’s product offerings and help bring mobility back to society.

"We are excited to align with United Safety to bring this technology to their customer base in the public transportation space. With this partnership, we intend to partner with USSC and continually innovate for additional and evolving needs of the transportation and the transit segments" said Manish Bhandari, CEO of GE Current, a Daintree company. "Together we can help bring an added layer of continuous disinfection to public transportation."

365DisInFX® UVC and UVA technology delivers UV light in specific dosages and wavelengths for the purpose of inactivating common pathogens over time. It uses LEDs to help reduce the potential spread of certain common infection-causing pathogens, allowing for continuous disinfection in spaces while occupants are present.