Smart Savings Shine on at Nela Park 

Our Customer 

On the historic grounds of Nela Park, The Institute's Edison Hall—aptly named for GE's founder Thomas Edison—welcomes thousands of visitors each year, many of whom participate in workshops and discussions about advancements in lighting. 

To demonstrate the solutions it offers and enjoy its benefits firsthand, Current retrofitted traditional halogen lighting with the energy-efficient RI Series downlights from the family of Current's Lumination™ LED Luminaires. 

The Solution 

Replacing 60 traditional 83-watt halogen PAR38 lamps in 8-inch downlight cans with Current's Lumination RI Series LED DownLights generated 10 percent greater illuminance while reducing energy usage by 65 percent. Additional savings are provided through the use of lighting controls, which also help make the space more functional when lighting needs to be dimmed for presentations. 

Results & Benefits 

"Most people don't realize they're under LED lighting until we point it out because the Lumination RI Series feels like a crisp, halogen-like light source," said Shelli Sedlak, senior lighting specialist, Current. "These LED downlights emit much greater efficiency and improved uniformity across the workplane." 

Offering specification-grade, one-to-one replacement and standard 90 CRI, the Lumination RI Series DownLights also help reduce maintenance needs. With 6-, 8- and 10-inch sizes and five different lumen packages between 1,000 and 4,000 lumens, the Lumination RI Series DownLights are ideal for spaces with 20- to 40-foot ceilings that can be challenging to upgrade and maintain. 

"With the 50,000-hour rated lifetime of the new LED lighting, we have cut back our need for bringing in special equipment and maintenance personnel to safely reach the downlights," Sedlak said. "The time associated with the retrofit also was minimal because it was an easy-to-install fixture, and the Infusion™ downlight module is a twist-in, tool-free light source fitted in just minutes for each downlight." 

Offering additional benefits, the Lumination RI Series Downlights are powered by Current's Infusion LED downlight module, which makes it easy to change lumen levels and color temperatures through its tool-less twist-fit technology. 

"The Infusion downlight module provides maximum performance and brightness of the latest LED technology," said Current LED Module Product Manager John Koster. "The versatility of the Infusion downlights allows you to match the existing technology in the space so the intended design is not compromised when switching to a more energy-efficient LED system." 

"Additionally, we can easily change the twist-in Infusion module to adjust the color temperature of the luminaire. For a space like Edison Hall, we can use a warmer color temperature during the fall and winter seasons, and then adjust it to establish a cooler ambience for the summer seasons. The RI Series' inclusion of these innovative modules provides the ability to set the lumen level and color temperature based on the setting and use of the room." 

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