Whitepaper: Retail Lighting 101

Light touches all corners of your environment - and it pays to know the basics. This resource discusses technology, terminology and different lighting applications to help you better understand your lighting systems and make the best decisions for your facility.

It pays to know lighting. In the parking lot, up and down the aisles, and even behind the scenes; from warehouse storage to employee work areas—lighting touches all parts of a major retail facility. It affects employee mood, energy use and the consumer’s perception of your product, necessitating important decisions and questions to ask when it comes to the lighting inside your store. Does my merchandise truly look its best? Do my customers feel secure when shopping at night? Is my store environment properly aligned with the brand image? How efficient is my lighting system, really?

No two retail facilities are the same, but there are three guiding principles every retail lighting decision maker should know:

• Attraction. The lighting throughout your store should be enticing, guiding customers to special displays and throughout the entire space. 

• Appraisal. Customers make a flurry of buying decisions from the time they walk through your doors. Does your lighting give you the best chance that these decisions will result in sales?

• Atmosphere. Lighting can elevate your store’s brand and image, and can leave a positive impression that lasts. These principles can help answer the most critical questions when it comes to lighting and can pave the way to a clear set of goals for your lighting system to accomplish, including:

  • Lighting that meets basic visibility requirements while satisfying aesthetic and economic concerns at the same time.
  • High-quality light that provides uniform illuminance and minimizes glare.
  • Lighting that is optimized for the current structure but that can easily adapt to the changing needs of a growing business. 

Explore what’s possible with smart LED and other technologies for retail with Current.

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