LEDs Bring Energy and Cost Savings to the City of Oakland


Oakland has been recognized as a top 10 green and sustainable U.S. city eight times in the last several years, including its recent rank of fourth among large cities by both the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Mother Nature Network. So its decision was natural to upgrade more than 30,000 roadway lights to LED street lighting fixtures. 


The city by the San Francisco Bay chose to convert from existing 70- to 400-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures to LED street lighting to conserve electricity while enhancing public spaces. City officials requested street lighting fixtures that met exacting light output requirements while consuming less energy. The quality of the LED street lighting also was important in the decision. 


Distributed through Graybar, Current's team offered an LED street lighting fixture specific to these needs—Current's Evolve LED Roadway Scalable Cobrahead

 Current's advanced LED optical design offers hundreds of photometric options to meet precise street lighting requirements while delivering reduced glare and improved light control. 

 "LED lighting is a win-win situation for the residents of Oakland. This bright lighting has been desperately needed in our most vulnerable neighborhoods such as West Oakland. Because these lights are so energy efficient, the city will be saving a great deal of money that we can dedicate to other ways to enhance the quality of life for all Oaklanders."- Councilmember Lynette McElhaney. 


The city of Oakland anticipates the longer life of the LED lighting will bring energy savings in excess of 40 percent and reduced maintenance costs, yielding $1.4 million in annual energy and maintenance savings for this West Coast port city of nearly 400,000 residents. 

"The program again proves that Oakland is a national leader in civic innovation, saving money and helping to protect the environment," said former Mayor Jean Quan. “These lights burn less energy, which means we're reducing our energy bills and our energy use at the same time, and their much longer lifespan also means we're reducing our e-waste footprint. Everyone who has contributed to this project is helping Oaklanders and making our city proud.” 

In addition to the energy cost savings the LED street lighting fixtures will provide, the city of Oakland is utilizing rebates offered by California utility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company. 

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