How LED Grow Lights Impact Cannabis Growth

Cannabis growers face unique challenges in the horticulture industry. They are tasked with producing high-quality flowers with just the right amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytochemicals, all while dealing with the physical limitations, tight budgets and strict harvest cycles familiar to indoor growers. LED grow lights tailored to the specific needs of cannabis can help.

LED fixtures are one way to take cannabis production to the next level while reducing operating costs. LEDs are more efficiently dimmed compared to traditional HPS lamps, allowing growers to adjust light quantity as needed. This, combined with customized light spectrums that don’t decrease in quality over time, can lead to higher cannabinoid and terpene content.

Light quality manipulation can be used to amplify phytochemical content of cannabis flowers. Plant scientists are learning more about the relationship between light and cannabis quality each day, but they generally agree that including a threshold level of blues, greens (also known as white) and reds can help accelerate production of terpene and cannabinoid content.

Cannabinoids are a key indicator of quality, and higher cannabinoid content in flower trichomes leads to a higher market selling price for the grower. By triggering photoreceptors with the right combination of blue, green and red wavelengths, a grower can increase the number of cannabinoids. However, a professional needs to fine-tune the spectrums, as levels of green above a certain percentage can negatively impact yields and electrical efficiency.

Terpene flower content is much lower when compared to flower cannabinoid content, but it plays a large role in flower quality. Greater light intensity during flowering can increase synthesis of terpene precursors, resulting in increased terpene content. And much like with cannabinoids, having the correct amount of white light in your spectrum can also increase terpene content, leading to a higher-quality plant and higher market value.

Having a partner who knows the ins and outs of light science and has a history of developing high-quality grow lights with tailored light spectrums is essential. Download Current's latest whitepaper to learn more how we’re helping growers use our LED grow lights for better cannabis yields.