July Utility Blog: Disinfection, Market Trends and Available Rebates

Welcome to the inaugural utility post from the RefitAdvantage newsletter. In this series, we will touch on market trends, impacts, program successes and opportunities. Let’s work together to be leaders in the energy efficiency market! Be sure to always check with your local utility to find out the most up-to-date incentive and rebate program offerings.

What is the largest trend in the market today? Disinfection. Obviously, this is related to the impact of the pandemic. Whatever your stance is on the subject, the reality is that building codes will be quick to evolve and provide a solution for the safety of individuals in commercial spaces.

Is this a new opportunity for utilities? We are continually asked about how UVA and UVC lighting solutions fit into the utility programs. The answer most often is, it’s too soon to tell. They will have an impact, and likely fit into programs eventually. But at the current time, there is only one program with an incentive program designed to address the current market interest and demand for disinfection lighting—TVA.



Typically, a utility files a program over a three-year period. During that time, they have some flexibility to carry over funding to the next year should the budget not be spent in the current year. That’s what we will likely experience in 2021. This will be a year to make up for lost production in 2020. Increase the incentives and drive production. Resurrect old proposals, target bonus program areas, and take advantage of these offerings!

Want to find even more utility rebates for LED lighting? Use Current’s tool to identify what’s available in your area.