Food for Thought: Keep Your Supermarket Visually Fresh with Lighting & Controls

On the List: Ingredients for energy savings, illumination solutions and intuitive ideas for grocery

More efficiency. Added safety. Enhanced controls. Better customer experiences. Better for business. Aisle after aisle. Store after store.

From the signage that showcases your brand, to refrigerated lighting that makes products look cool, to aisle lighting that is warm and welcoming … Current, a Daintree company, has solutions that do more than shine a light.

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We make the food look better.

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We make your operations more efficient.

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We help disinfect surfaces and the air.

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We give you more control. And controls.


down Take a shopping trip to see the ways Current solutions enable savings, control and smarter business decisions.

Exterior: Night vision.

First impressions matter. The right lighting combination provides a beacon that elevates your brand and creates a welcoming environment.

Signage lighting with your name all over it. Unobtrusive canopy lighting for bright and inviting entrances. Area lighting with uniform illumination to help in navigating the parking area while creating an added sense of safety. Disinfectant lighting to ensure cleaner shopping carts. And façade lighting to highlight your property and create a welcoming appearance. Used alone or applied together, it’s a first impression that creates a lasting expression.



  1. Evolve® LED – EALS/EALP
    Area & Site Lighting Luminaires
  2. Evolve® A Series LED – EWAS
    Wall-Mounted Luminaires
  3. Tetra® LED Sign Lighting Systems
    Channel Letters, Cabinet Signs, Border & Canopy
  4. Evolve® LED Soffit™ – ECLS
    Canopy Luminaires

Entrance and Carts: Let's start shopping.

Shoppers enter and immediately get a welcoming experience with aesthetically pleasing lights that enhance surroundings rather than washing them out. Plus, their longer life reduces maintenance; no more sending employees on ladders to change bulbs. Let them keep both feet on the ground!



  1. 365DisInFx® LBU Series UVA Technology
    Recessed Luminaires With LED UVA Surface Bacteria Disinfection
  2. Albeo® High and Low Bay Lighting – ABV4
    Linear High Bay Luminaires
  3. Albeo® High and Low Bay Lighting – ARC
    Round High Bay Luminaires

Produce, Deli and Bakery: Fresh ideas on display.

Lighting that makes food prepared each day look as good as it tastes. And dollars to donuts, it’ll save money while producing a better customer experience. From general illumination to counter lights and displays, Current solutions deliver the right results no matter how you slice it.



  1. Lumination® LIS Series With TriGain®
    Linear Luminaires
  2. Immersion® LED Tubes
  3. 365DisInFx™ LBU Series UVA Technology
    Recessed Luminaires With LED UVA Surface Bacteria Disinfection
  4. Lumination® LEL Series
    Suspended Luminaires
  5. Lumination® LHX Series
    Track Lights
  6. covRguard® Lamps

Refrigerated Case Section: Keeping your cool.

Down the aisle and behind the doors, the right mix of lighting offers literal cold comfort. Best-in-class refrigerated and freezer display lighting puts the best shine on the food within while overhead lighting provides a consistent and balanced illumination output to enhance the experience for everyone. That’s pretty chill.



Restrooms: Unsinkable solutions.

Current Lighting solutions provide energy-efficient illumination, along with products that help clean the viruses in the air and bacteria on surfaces. It’s a smart combination of lighting and cleaning for a room that can use both.



  1. 365DisInFx® LDU Series
    Downlight With UVA Surface Bacteria Disinfection
  2. Lumination® LRX Series
  3. 365DisInFx® LPU Series
    LED Device With UVC Airborne Virus Disinfection
  4. Lumination® LBT Series
    Recessed Luminaire

Back-of-House Receiving, Storage and Distribution Centers: Standing out behind the scene.

Shoppers won’t see it. But your employees will. Enhanced lighting in the warehouse storage area makes inventory easier to spot and helps provide a safer place to work, creating a seamless transition from delivery to stacks to floor.



  1. Albeo® – ALV2
    Linear Low Bay
  2. Albeo® – ARC
    Linear Low Bay
  3. LED Replacement Lamps
  4. Upgrade from HID
  5. Albeo® – ABC1
    Linear High Bay
  6. Albeo® – ABC1
    Linear High Bay Lighting for Aisles

Office: Some light work.

Give your office space an added layer of comfort and clean with lighting solutions that make work a little easier.



  1. Lumination® LVR Series Refit Door Kit
    LED Recessed Luminaire
  2. 365DisInFx® LPU Series
    LED Device With UVC Airborne Virus Disinfection
  3. 365DisInFx® LBU Series
    Recessed Luminaires With LED UVA Surface Bacteria Disinfection

Daintree® Wireless Controls: Simple. Scalable. Flexible.

Advanced lighting controls, leading-edge software and an intuitive, web-based software application. The open architecture of the Daintree® Wireless Controls can integrate with third-party devices and applications to expand control beyond lighting and create more intelligent environments.

Daintree® Networked: Innovation in store.

Monitor and schedule system-level control from a central location.

More than a control system, Daintree® Networked and the Daintree® Controls Software (DCS) enable a controls strategy.

Schedule lighting easily
Utilize DCS to control and schedule lighting across the store or stores, from one location.

Report on energy usage
See how much energy is being utilized, at what time periods and in each location. Then have the ability to adjust the output.

Enable data utilization
DCS analyzes data in real time so you know what’s happening now to control factors as they occur, plus anticipate maintenance updates and high-traffic periods.

Control the whole building envelope
All lighting inside and out can be managed with one controls system, and you can also integrate with your building management system. The entire network of store locations can be managed centrally via DCS.

Enhance customer experience and employee productivity
Use the data collected from DCS to make strategic decisions around your store (i.e., scheduling lights, trimming light levels, leveraging people counting and other API) to provide a better experience for everyone in the store.

Save energy
Control when lights are on and off and integrate with HVAC, thermostats and other BMS systems to reduce operating costs and maintenance.

Provide an infrastructure of IoT
We can offer an infrastructure of app development and implementation solutions. For example, app-based personal shopper solutions as customer experiences become more automated and streamlined.



What is Daintree® Controls Software?

  • Easy to set up, DCS is a flexible way to manage your store portfolio effectively and efficiently.
  • Scale up to integrate with building management systems via BACnet protocols.
  • Meet your Smart Building needs today or in the future with an enterprise-level Web API.
  • Centralize scheduling and monitoring to ensure that all your stores are performing uniformly across the entire region or network.


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