Disinfection Is the Order of the Day

The Opportunity

Managing a local restaurant in normal times is challenging enough. But in times of COVID-19? That’s a tall order. Roger Stewart, owner of The Bistro of Green, in Ohio, has navigated his small, upscale destination for 15 years. “We work extremely hard to have a culture that lends itself to happiness, friendliness, teamwork and fun,” Stewart says.

This year, the work got even harder, and ensuring staff and guests could feel safe and the restaurant remain open was going to take more than masks, social distancing, extra cleaning and handwashing. It was going to take some help from above.

“The need for disinfection in the restaurant business isn’t going away even when the pandemic does.”

- Roger Stewart, Owner, The Bistro of Green

The Solution

The LPU disinfection device The Bistro chose is Current’s 365DisInFx™ UVC solution. An unassuming 5-inch "puck,” it installs right on the ceiling and utilizes 254 nm UVC to assist in the inactivation of airborne pathogens around the clock while staying below human exposure standards for UV. It’s a groundbreaking additive solution for disinfecting occupied spaces, and today it keeps The Bistro cooking.

"One of our main goals is to preserve the well-being of our guests and employees," Stewart says. "Current’s disinfection technology and LPU disinfection, along with our other sanitization measures, allow us to do just that."


Why Current

“It was easy to install and offers peace of mind,” Stewart says. “I researched others on the market, and most were not safe to be used in occupied spaces or they were very expensive."

A century of innovation and years of research in the UV disinfectant space has positioned Current as the go-to for smart, accessible solutions. Besides having access to Current's complete, continuous and compliant antimicrobial UV LED technology, Stewart was a fan of the responsiveness as well.

“They were very professional, they answer my questions and concerns, and stand behind their product,” Stewart says.


The Results

The 365DisInFx™ LPU disinfection technology made an instant impact with staff and guests while providing The Bistro a competitive edge in a challenging time. "Guests have … asked about our technology and are glad we’re using it,” Stewart says. “Hopefully, it makes them a little more comfortable and keeps them choosing our restaurant."

Stewart is looking ahead to what’s next. As the UVC solution helps inactivate the aerosolized pathogens in the air, he’s open to a solution for assisting in inactivating surface bacteria. “I’m considering adding Current’s UVA lighting as well. I’d suggest everyone adding 365DisInFx™ technology to their disinfection strategy.”