Dirt Depreciation Becoming a Problem? The Evolve Flat Glass Luminaires Can Help 

Sometimes, flat is better. Those crevices, pockets and ridges in competitor outdoor luminaires can become the perfect places for dirt and grime to collect—potentially reducing overall LED light output and impairing the intended pattern of light distribution. This problem is called Luminaire Dirt Depreciation (LDD) and it can reduce the performance of your outdoor LED lighting. 

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Smooth Operator 

Current Evolve LED Outdoor Luminaires with flat glass lens and reflective optics chamber offers a dirt depreciation rate of just 1.0% per year, a significant difference compared to competitor luminaires that use less streamlined lens designs and alternative optics engineering. 

That means time and money saved on cleaning schedules. 

Dust and Dirt Just Can’t Get a Grip 

The Evolve fixture houses the LEDs and reflectors in a dirt- and dust-free cavity with an IP65/IP66-rated optical enclosure and a tempered glass lens to minimize the effects of dirt. This design approach provides consistent brightness and light distribution over the life of the product 

A recent Illuminating Engineering Society report* on LDD stated: 

“LED luminaires with flat glass optics were less susceptible to average dirt depreciation than luminaires with exposed inner optics...With exposed optics, especially the individually molded acrylic, the surface of the optic is much more complex, has significantly more leeward edges, and significantly more surface area. These features will cause much more turbulence over the exposed optics, enabling dirt to accumulate on each individual optic and likely leading to more dirt sticking.” 

*Source: Illuminating Engineering Society, RES-1-16 Measure and Report Luminaire Dirt Depreciation (LDD) in LED Luminaires for Street and Roadway Lighting Applications; page 71, Gibbons, Palmer, Meyer, Terry 

Clean up your Maintenance Costs 

LED luminaires are designed to reduce maintenance but some optical designs are prone to more dust and dirt build-up than others, which may lead to additional trips to the pole for periodic cleaning. Choosing the right optical design can help avoid those unanticipated maintenance costs. Current's Flat Glass technology comes in a variety of luminaires for your application. 

Current Evolve™ Outdoor Luminaires: 

Best in class dirt depreciation technology to achieve rates as low as 1.0% per year 

Flat Glass LED Lens and Unique Reflective Optics chamber engineered for optimized light application efficiency and minimized glare 

Proudly designed and assembled in the USA 

Robustly engineered and tested using Current Six Sigma standards 

The Current Difference 

Building on a reputation for quality and excellence that dates back to Edison’s first electric light bulb, Current brings an unsurpassed depth and breadth of expertise to every product. Our commitment to providing the greatest value in high technologically solutions is stronger than ever. We deliver innovative options backed by the international reputation of our 130-plus years in the business. 

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