Dental Office Stays Cleaner With Surface and Air Disinfection

The Opportunity

TC Dental Partners, a Cordental Group practice in West Des Moines, Iowa, wants patients to have fewer concern about germs. Active virion can be spread throughout a room by the aerosol used during dental procedures―some virion can linger in the air for hours. Reducing airborne and surface pathogens helps minimize the risk of infection, particularly in dental suites where every precaution counts.

Gregory F. Ceraso, DMD, had two criteria for a winning solution: 1. It must allow for human exposure in occupied spaces, and 2. It must not change the office environment regarding light quality and noise.

“Current’s disinfection lighting, I believe, adds another layer of protection for our patients, my team and myself.”

— Gregory F. Ceraso, DMD

The Solution

Current’s 365DisInFx™ UVA LBU luminaires look and function like ordinary LED lights but offer far more with ultraviolet (UV) disinfection that helps reduce bacteria and fungi on surfaces.* At TC Dental, LBU luminaires were installed in suites along with 365DisInFx™ UVC LPU devices from Current for the inactivation of aerosolized viruses.

Resembling a standard smoke detector, the LPU uses LEDs to emit viricidal UV light. Each unit offers roughly 50 square feet of coverage, and multiple units can be configured as needed to provide indoor air disinfection.

Note: Coverage area can vary depending on mounting height, room dimensions and targeted efficacy rate.

Backed by breakthrough patented and patent-pending technologies, these disinfection solutions are designed to help customers get back to business. Current’s UVA technology has shown significant reductions in common surface pathogens in a typical room application, while Current’s UVC technology targets the inactivation of aerosolized viruses, including seasonal coronaviruses and influenza** in a typical room application.

Note: If combining two or more UV solutions, whether from GE Current, a Daintree company, and/or other manufacturers, please consult a trained product application representative to ensure the total irradiance (UV dose) does not exceed recommended human exposure limits. To the extent UV solutions are combined, it may impact inactivation rates.

Why Current

Local lighting agent Integrated Sales, Inc., led by principal Jarret A. Golwizer, CPMR, helped connect TC Dental to Current’s latest solutions. From the start, the Integrated team was integral to making proper recommendations, specifying design and completing the project layout, including supervising the installation to ensure a seamless fit.

Ceraso likes that Current’s lights can work continuously, do not require additional staff time to accomplish their goal and operate within defined limits for human exposure to UV per International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®) TLVs® guidelines.

“Even subtle changes in light can affect how things look in the mouth, so the way a product works is very important to us,” says Ceraso. “These units are silent and emit UV light that is invisible, so there’s nothing to distract us.”

The Results

Today, appointments don’t have to wait at TC Dental thanks in part to Current’s disinfection lighting technology. “I would most definitely recommend these products to others,” says Ceraso. “They are efficacious and require no extra procedures to help in providing surface and air disinfection.”

* Claims based on in-situation testing with 365DisInFx™ UVA disinfection technology LBU Series LED luminaires; demonstrated inactivation rates of up to 99.7% in 8 hrs. when tested with several common pathogens including MRSA, E. faecalis, and E. coli; UV radiation can pose a risk of personal injury―view UVA test results and Make an Informed Decision at

** Claims based on in-situation testing with 365DisInFx™ UVC disinfection technology LPU Series LED devices utilizing the aerosolized virus, bacteriophage MS2; UV radiation can pose a risk of personal injury―view UVC test results and Make an Informed Decision at

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