Combat Light Pollution with Dark Sky Compliant Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Have you ever found yourself temporarily blinded or unable to see clearly while walking or driving at night due to the glare of overly bright street lamps or blue-white headlights? Do you ever look up at the night sky hoping to enjoy the twinkling of stars, only to see instead a glowing haze of light?

Light pollution has become increasingly problematic for both humans and wildlife due to the widespread nighttime use of overly bright, poorly targeted, improperly shielded and—in many cases—unnecessary artificial light. Inappropriate lighting of this nature creates electricity waste and light pollution by spreading light into the sky rather than focusing it on the areas and objects requiring illumination, according to the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), the organization leading advocacy, conservation and standards development to combat light pollution globally.

IDA recognizes the need for outdoor lighting, but advocates for smart lighting solutions that minimize harmful effects. IDA encourages organizations to choose quality outdoor lighting solutions with smart controls that reduce light pollution, thereby promoting improved health and safety outcomes for humans and wildlife alike.

When selecting outdoor lighting, IDA recommends that the lighting should:

  • Minimize blue light emissions (ideally using “warm-white” or filtered LEDs with a color temperature of 3000K or lower).
  • Be shielded and pointing downward.
  • Be compatible with controls to enable the use of dimmers, timers, motion sensors and networked lighting.
  • Be purposeful and no brighter than necessary.

Making the switch to smarter lighting solutions is not only better for humans and wildlife, but it also uses less energy. This translates to cost savings that municipalities, businesses and consumers can feel good about. Explore Current's outdoor lighting solutions to start your journey towards smart, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient lighting today.