Best Western Italy Gets a Signage Redesign with Help from Verbax, Current

When Best Western wanted to upgrade its outdoor signage to reflect its rebranding, it decided to reach out to Verbax Lighting Solutions for help. Matteo Cavallari, the Managing Director at Verbax, brought in Cees Steenkuyl at GE Current, a Daintree company to help create a lighting solution for the brand’s hotels in Italy.

With more than 170 hotels across Italy, Best Western wanted a sustainable and efficient solution to convey the company’s sleek new look. To meet those requirements, Verbax and Current chose to put forward the Tetra PowerMAX for the channel letters and Tetra PowerStrip for the box signs. From there, the team at Verbax created a unique sample of the design that took full advantage of the LEDs and their impressive light output. Then Best Western and the sign maker made the final call on the decision to go with GE LEDs over the competition.

“We started the project with Current’s 12V signage solution, as even the 12V came out on top when compared to the competition,” Cavallari said. “So, when the 24V came out it was a further improvement overall, which resulted in the sign maker’s decision to switch over to Current’s newer and more improved 24V solution.”

In fact, the sign maker was so impressed with the solution and the lighting expertise from Verbax that there are ongoing collaborations planned. Feedback from Best Western has also been positive—from both the corporate hotel chain and the individual franchise owners—and Verbax is keen to continue to implement other LEDs from Current into hotel properties in the future.

“They are very happy,” Cavallari noted. Installation was easy, the ongoing maintenance is low, and the efficiency of the LED technology should help the hotels reduce their energy consumption and get closer to their sustainability goals.

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Distributor: Verbax Lighting Solutions Italy

Sign Makers: Dielle Building and TREMIL

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